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Battery Chargers Only Buy What You Need

Have you ever bought something and realised you ended up with a lot of extras that you’ll never use? It happens often when you buy battery chargers too. Extra plugs for different countries and numerous DC Jack adaptors. Sure it’s brilliant if your a jet-setter travelling the world with all of your different battery packs, you’ve got everything you need! But realistically that’s never the case. Sadly, a lot of those extras (that you’re paying for) end up in a drawer or even the bin. Extras that you don’t need aren’t exactly kind to the planet either.

How it works

With this in mind, we have changed the way you can buy our battery chargers. Simply select the extras you need for your charger, including the correct plug, cord set and jack plugs for your battery. It really could not be easier! Saving you money, space in your drawer and waste.

For example a Mascot Blueline 3743 LI 1 Cell 3.7V 1.5A Li-Ion Battery Charger with all 4 input plugs (UK, EU, US, AUS) and 2 jack plugs would cost £52.19 (ex vat) from another online company. The same would cost £36.00 (ex vat) from Cell Pack Solutions.

You could save even more money by only selecting the extras you need, taking the cost down to as little as £30.50 (ex vat) for the Charger, correct input plug and DC Jack Plug. For a full breakdown, see below.

Another Online CompanyCell Pack SolutionsCell Pack Solutions
Mascot Blueline 3743 LI 1 Cell 3.7V Mascot Blueline 3743 LI 1 Cell 3.7V (£28.00) Mascot Blueline 3743 LI 1 Cell 3.7V (£28.00)
UK Plug UK Plug (£1.50)Plug Required (£1.50)
EU Plug EU Plug (£1.50) DC Jack Required (£1.00)
US Plug US Plug (£1.50)
Aus Plug Aus Plug (£1.50)
2.1mm DC Jack 2.1mm DC Jack (£1.00)
2.5mm DC Jack 2.5mm DC Jack (£1.00)
£52.19 (ex vat)£36.00 (ex vat) £30.50 (ex vat)

If you already use a Mascot battery charger but need additional extras, you can purchase them separately. (Please make sure they are the correct extras for your battery charger)

If you can’t find the battery charger you are looking for or require more information, contact one of our friendly experts.

All pricing on this post was accurate as of 01/07/202


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