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In today’s tough market conditions, we should all take every and any opportunity to promote our company and its products and if you can do that as well as help other people at the same time then so much the better.

Yesterday, I was asked to spare an hour or so on the promotional stand sponsored by the Entrepreneurs’ Forum aimed at increasing both the profile of the forum and of the If We Can, You Can Challenge.

Like a lot of busy people, my first reaction was that I didn’t have time but I quickly realised that it was an opportunity and that I should make the time. As it turned out, I met some interesting people and in particular Matt Scott, one of last years winners. His company designs and manufactures trainers that people can incorporate their own designs. We make custom design batteries and he makes custom design shoes. By pure coincidence it turns out he has just moved into the same business centre that we are in.

It really great to see new companies start up and TEDCO are renowned for the help and assistance they can offer new businesses. My own has benefited greatly from their help and involvement over the years. A recession may not seem to start a new business, but if you do the right market research then any time is a good time. There has never been so much help so go on have a go or at the very least support your local businesses.


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