Petzl PIXA Headlamps Promoted at Toolfair and Elex 2011

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Just finished a long week down at Toolfair and Elex 2011 at Sandown Exhibition Centre. It was a very successful event, we were assisting the guys from Petzl to promote the PIXA Range of headlamps to the electricians, plumbers and builders market.

Have to say that the Petzl PIXA headlamps are ideally suited to the tough environment some of these guys have to work in. We had the PIXA 1 submerged under water for the whole two days. These Petzl headlamps were designed to withstand 1 metre depth of water. They can withstand being dropped, being trod on by 80kg as well as being resistant to a whole range of chemicals. On top of all that they produce some fantastic constant light.

When you are working in dark spaces you need a light you can trust. Petzl have been producing headlamps for outdoor market and for extreme environments from many years. The quality and workmanship that goes into once you get your hands on one of these lights you will not want to use anything else.

Oh and this time, we only had two people call it the Pretzel headlamp.

To see these great products in action, please play the video below:


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