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I’m doing a bit of work with a great group of school children as part of an Inspiring Communities project. The ultimate aim is to give them a bit of insight in business and to get them to start thinking about solving problems.

It is really challenging, the first session was a bit of disaster but today I am starting to see a chink of enthusiasm. I have to keep remembering that they are totally inexperienced. They have to remember that I am not a teacher and as a person, generally my management style is not to drag people kicking and screaming into situations people generally have to want to do something willingly. Life is a compromise may have to compromise my style a little.

My group had a bit of brain storming session last week and have now whittled the ideas down to personalised key rings and fridge magnets. Hopefully by next weeks session they will have have also created a poster that they can use to promote the activity. We have been allocated £250 to spend on materials which they will buy and then ultimately sell to make a profit.

Looking forward to next week.


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