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Sandcastle Challenge 1

For this years Sandcastle Challenge, we teamed up with South Marine Park Primary School to create a New World! We took inspiration from our partners Saft and their Li-ion energy storage solutions for renewable energy… The children were amazed at the project and both teams wanted to incorporate the idea into their worlds. It’s refreshing to see how much the students cared about our environment!

With designs at the ready, “The Clean, Green, Marine Machine”  (Yeah, they won best Team name!) and the “Planetary Protectors” (a close second in our opinion) took to the sand to build  their creations. The weather played nice while the teams carved and crafted the sand into their New Worlds.

In the weeks leading up to the Sandcastle Challenge both teams made props to decorate their sand sculptures. They even included wind turbines that were powered by motors. They powered the cities and any spare energy was stored into a huge sand battery, ready to be used when needed… So they didn’t quite create renewable energy but they definitely added effect to both worlds.

It’s always great to support Children North East in their efforts to create life changing opportunities in young peoples lives. This year we have been working towards achieving our Silver Better Health at Work award and believe that allowing our staff to give their time to charity is a great way to enrich their own lives and the people around them.

We’re already looking forward to next years Sandcastle challenge and hope that we can team up with South Marine Park School for a third time – after all, isn’t it a charm?


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