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Hannah Eddie Matthew

Congratulation go to Hannah on her excellent A level Results. She now plans to continue with her education and ambitions to be a Doctor. This summer she joined her brother Matthew, here at Cell Pack Solutions as our much valued Summer Students. It has been a tradition here for many years to offer work experience and summer holiday work to Students. Over the years we have had students following many different career paths, from Law to Philosophy, from Teaching to Medicine and even the Military Police. Prior to Brexit we also had German Students here to practice their English, the brilliant Selien who came for 3 months but stayed for 7 months in the end. It is great for them to get some experience of factory life, to earn some money and to pick up experience that helps with their CVs in the future, whatever their career choice might be.

There is always the traditional route of A levels to University to Career, but there are alternatives and in recent years we have offered opportunities for students to go from apprentice to degree level whilst working here, assuming they have the desire and the ambition and the work ethic. This year is no different we are now looking for two entry level apprentices, one for our logistics department and one for our production department. So if you know of interested candidates please contact us. 


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