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Our great team before social distancing

It’s in times of adversity that we often see people go the extra mile. Well, that has certainly been the case for all of the staff at Cell Pack Solutions in the current situation. During the COVID-19 outbreak, a number of our staff have been adapting to working from home, which is a challenge in itself. While those still in the office are Literally going the extra mile to make it into work each day.

As a supplier to many key industries, Cell Pack Solutions are continuing to provide cells and battery packs; Providing power to critical applications around the country, including the Medical market. This would not have been possible without our great team of staff. Who, as always, have rose to the challenge and done Cell Pack proud!

Following the social distancing measures put in place by the Government. A number of our staff have been walking to work each day, to avoid public transport. Apart from reducing the spread of the Coronavirus, they’re starting to notice the added health benefits of racking up their steps.

Eight members of our staff are now walking to work each day. By doing so, they have totalled a combined 68,800 extra steps! or just over 32.5 more miles per day.

Most are adding over 8000 steps a day just by walking to and from work. One staff member is adding an additional 13,000 steps to her daily commute. That’s around 6 extra miles a day, or 30 miles a week!

After hearing of other staff walking to work, one of our team working from home, decided to use his daily exercise time, to walk the long way around from his bedroom, to his office, walking his dog (and sometimes baby daughter) just under 2 Miles or 5000 steps.

If there is one positive thing to come out of the current situation, we will all be a lot more active. Hopefully this will continue when things return to the norm. For a full breakdown of the extra steps our staff are adding, please see the below table.

Once again we would just like to thank all of our dedicated team who are working their socks off to ensure our vital customers can operate without disruption.

Team MemberDaily Steps AddedWeekly Steps (if walked everyday)Miles (daily/weekly)
Wendy 12,00060,0005.68/28.4
Sarah500025,000 2.37/11.85
Margaret 800040,0003.79/18.95
Gail12,00060,000 5.68/28.4


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