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100 Day Challenge

A video popped up on my Facebook timeline today, it was of a very large overweight person who set themselves the challenge of going to the gym every single day for 100 days. That person recorded their progress and after the 100 days had lost 18 pounds and was a much happier person in many ways as a result. This has spurred me on to think of my own 100 day challenge, which I will decide upon today. It will start on the 5th of July and will end on the 14th of October. If anyone wants to join me then let me know what your challenge is and we can record it here tomorrow.

I decided that my personal challenge will be:

  1. 15000 steps per day minimum (equates to 7.5 miles and 10,000 would just be a normal day).
  2. No Coffee whatsoever.
  3. Drink more water and other liquids (like beer occasionally). So you might see me occasionally wandering around the street of  South Shields, carrying a brown paper bag, killing two birds with one stone so to speak.

Michelle wanted me to give up Jelly Babies but that would have been too much.

Update: 3 days on the challenge and still on track.


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