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Do you check your smoke alarm when the clocks change? If you don’t, make this year the first time you do, it really could save your life.

Emergency Lighting Upgrade

With the clock change approaching, and as part of our ISO 14001 review, we made the decision to upgrade our emergency lighting system. By doing so we have made the building more efficient, safer and will actually save a small fortune over the years. For instance, by changing the 25 emergency lights we have at Cell Pack to newer, LED units, we will save £220 each year in electricity fees. Not to mention the time saved in having to change the bulbs.

As part of the review and to further reduce our impact on our environment, we broke the old lights down for recycling, instead of just throwing them away. It’s incredible the difference you can make to the environment, just by taking a little bit of time to properly recycle things.

Recycling Old Lights

What good is a upgrading the system, if nobody knows how to use it properly? You guessed it,  to go along with our new emergency lights, we brought our annual fire refresher forward and gave all members of staff additional fire safety training. Staff were demonstrated the correct way to use a fire extinguisher and fire blanket to tackle a small fire, or to aid their escape. Luckily, the fire alarm has never been called into action (other than drills and checks) but we all feel a lot more prepared if it ever does sound.

So if we have inspired you to check your own smoke alarms at the office or home and they requires a battery look no further than these Smoke alarm batteries. Remember as well as changing the battery to remove any dust in or on your alarm as this can hinder the detection of smoke.


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