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Olaf and Kim Visit the New Building
Olaf, Kim and Eddie Visit the New Building

I was very proud to meet up with an old friend that I first met around 25 years ago. At that time I was the Northern UK Technical Sales Engineer working for FWO BAUCH, who represented Sonnenschein Lithium Batteries, and he was the Export Sales manager for Sonnenschein with the responsibility for the UK market. His daughter Kim Vivien had just been born.

Our careers moved along very different paths. He moved up corporate ladder and left to gain a wide background of experience in other companies. Two years ago he was approached to come back to his roots and become the Managing Director of Tadiran Batteries, responsible for 200 staff. I also moved round the battery industry but never really found that next rung on the corporate ladder. So decided I should buy my own ladder and as those of you that have read the blog will see, we are on the verge of completing a new building. It was fantastic to meet him again after all these years, to show him around the building as it is now. I also met his Daughter Kim, who I have to say can speak English extremely well.

I look forward to inviting him back to the finished building. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. By Olaf G.Lichtlein on

    Thanks Eddie, you have found very nice words which I do share 100%.
    It was my pleasure to be with you in your facilities as well as seeing the new ones which will be ready, soon.
    I do remember about the time you addressed in your wording and can tell you it was a really good and challenging time for both of us. I won`t miss it!
    You made a nice development too by ending up on your own corporate ladder. All in all, well done and congratulations to you, your wife and great Team around Cell Pack Solutions.

    See you, soon.


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