Cell Pack Solutions Babyliss T24C Hair Trimmer (CPS561) Battery

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Product Description

The Cell Pack Solutions CPS561 battery is a replacement for the Bablyliss T24C Hair Clipper. It is a 3.6V 700mAh NiCd rechargeable battery formed into a triangle with tag terminations and shrink sleeve. It is a replacement for the GP60AAK3T1H battery.

This also battery works in other hair trimmers/clippers such as:

  • Babyliss T24B
  • Babyliss T24C
  • Babyliss T24D
  • Remington HC-352
  • Scherna T44

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  1. By Peter Verified Buyer on

    It was easy to order, and the product had to be made and I got it in a few days, very quick and very satisfied, thank again.

  2. By Peter Killow Verified Buyer on

    Excellent product and service, arrived early – and how much more satisfying to replace the battery rather than getting a new device!
    Well done

  3. By Paulo Verified Buyer on

    Very impressed with the quickness and quality of the product. Recommend this company with my eyes closed.

  4. By M.R. Baer Verified Buyer on

    Quick order processing and shipping follow-up. Excellent merchant.