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Product Description

Part of the Most Powerful ReCyko+ range of batteries, these ReCyko+ 2600mAh AA rechargeable batteries are perfect for use in any AA application.

Each cell is guaranteed by GP for up to 6 years or 300 cycles, whichever comes first. This means that each of these batteries replaces up to 300 disposable batteries, making them very good value for money and environmentally friendly by reducing unnecessary waste.

Being pre-charged means that these ReCyko+ 2600mAh AA batteries are ready to use straight away. They will also retain 70% of their charge for up to a year.

These batteries are available in a pack of 4 or a pack of 4 (+ 2 free).

Battery Identification

  • MPN:  GP260AAHC,  GPRHC272C243, GPRHC272C216 or GPRHC272C275
  • IEC: HR6

Also Known As

  • 15H
  • DC1500
  • DX1500
  • NH15
  • NM715

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