Cell Pack Solutions 1 m x 158 mm (Flat Diameter) Shrink Sleeve

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Product Description

Ultra thin wall, rigid heat shrink sleeve made from PVC. Supplied in black colour and this tubing has a low shrink temperature of 100º Celsius and a continuous operating temperature range of -20º to +105º Celsius.

If you require help choosing the correct shrink sleeve size for your battery application, please use our Compatibility Tool.

Normally supplied in 1 metre lengths however, if you prefer to have the PVC sleeving either pre-cut to other specific lengths, other colours or higher volumes then please contact us. We can arrange a quotation for you and advise you of alternatives.

This sleeving is typically used throughout the Battery Industry as it is very easy to apply using a heat gun. A good tip is to choose the smallest size that will fit around your application and to apply heat gently around the sleeving, not too quickly. This will give you a nice tight and neat finish.

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  1. By Andy Twiss Verified Buyer on

    I used this on two large 7S1P 29.4V 9000mAh cells.
    It’s an excellent item with minimal shrinkage in length. Resulting in a clean finish with no blisters, cold spots or burning even with a hot heat gun.
    The material shrinks alarmingly rapidly at first so be prepared to turn the pack over a few times to ensure even shrinkage all over. Persevere with the heat gun, moving the gun constantly, until bubbles and blisters disappear. The material is quite thin, so ensure that any sharp corners on packs are protected before shrinking, e.g. with a nice rounded corner of cardboard, otherwise the sleeving may split over the sharp corder as it is very delicate when hot. Any untidy overhang on pack ends can be resolved by heating the overhanging section and simply pressing the overhang into the workbench for a few seconds until cool, which results in a nice clean finish.