Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) Battery Chargers

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How do I choose a NiCd Battery Charger?

  • Identify how many cells you need to charge to find the correct voltage you need (1 NiCd cell = 1.2V, 2 NiCd cells = 2.4V, 3 NiCd cells = 3.6V and so on)
  • For a slow charge (approx 15 hours), we recommend a C/10 charge current, where C represents the battery capacity. Do not exceed a C/10 charge with a charger that isn’t intelligent (will automatically stop when the battery is fully charged)
  • For a fast charge we recommend a charge current of between C/3 to C. In this case, you must use an intelligent charger (with Delta-V protection, a technique that enables the charger to identify the full charge of a battery and to stop the charge when this is reached)