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Custom battery pack configurations describe how individual cells are connected together to create a complete battery pack. The environment in which the battery pack is used and the electrical connection of the individual cells (series or parallel) are two key considerations when designing a battery pack and working out the best configuration. The increasing need for more power in smaller spaces and the wide variety of our customers’ applications mean we have designed and made a large number of different battery pack configurations.

The images below show example formats of common battery pack configurations and how they are classified by our designers:

  • 2B Battery Pack Configuration

    B Format

    End to end cells welded in line to maintain a good connection

  • 2C Battery Pack Configuration

    C Format

    Side by side cells joined together to build up the battery

  • 2B2C Battery Pack Configuration

    BC Format

    Combination of both B and C formats shown previously

  • 6 Cell Cluster Battery Pack Configuration

    Cluster Format

    Cluster formation of cells interlinked with solder tags to form the battery

  • 7 Cell Nested Battery Pack Configuration

    Nested Format

    Inline nested formation cells interlinked with solder tags to form the battery

  • 2 x 4 SBP Battery Pack Configuration

    Standard Battery Pack Format

    Side by side cells and interlinked with solder tags to form the battery