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The VARTA 3/V150H is one of the most popular in the Mempac range. Used in many memory back up applications, particularly for Central Heating Timers, like the Potterton.

Many of you will note that the original battery it now replaces was in a Blue Case, it was NiCd and known as 3V100R or the 3/V100DKPO. Others with a Honeywell Timer will note that their outer case was Beige and has a small locating peg. You can actually push out the 3 cells in the case and switch the outer casing with your original if this is the case.


Dimensions 25.8 × 14.1 × 17 mm






Alternate Codes

3/V100DKPO, 3/V100R, 3V100R


Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)









Cell Count


Data Sheets Technical Data SheetSafety Data Sheet
Weight 18 g

Reviews (19)

Rated 4.95 out of 5

5 95%
4 5%
3 0%
2 0%
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  1. By Anthony HIBLING Verified Buyer on

    Battery arrived quickly and is as far as I know is working fine will know when the next power outage happens

  2. By Simon Verified Buyer on

    Spot on!! Battery arrived nice and quickly. Fitted perfectly into my Potterton EP2001 heating controller which had suddenly stopped working, and it immediately sprang into life!

  3. By John Marples Verified Buyer on

    Quick and easy service. Very easy to find what was required on the website. Happy to use again

  4. By M Grimes Verified Buyer on

    Very very helpful and efficient

  5. By Nicholas Smith Verified Buyer on

    Easy ordering, quick dispatch and perfect all round. Easy to slide batteries out of supplied case and into the older style case with fixing peg. Good price. Highly recommended supplier with no problems.

  6. By Ron Newbould on

    EXCELLENT service along with a competitively priced battery is just what we needed for my Potterton EP2001 programmer. It is great that suppliers like Cell Pack continue to stock these batteries. Thanks

  7. By Mr Nigel Watret Verified Buyer on

    Excellent service and very fast delivery.
    Good price also.
    Many thanks.

  8. By Anthony Bradley Verified Buyer on

    The quality of the battery is good, the price is as good as if not better than most on the internet. Best of all from this site was speed of delivery.

  9. By Martin Verified Buyer on

    Battery was a perfect replacement for the failed one in my 30 year old Honeywell ST699 timer unit.

  10. By Donald Verified Buyer on

    Good service, battery was exactly as described.

  11. By Terry Parker Verified Buyer on

    Very good service, very good on the phone and fast delivery, thanks again

  12. By Jim Verified Buyer on

    Excellent service product has many variations however the supplied item fitted an earlier timer with a peg location. Would use this company again thank you.

  13. By Bob Verified Buyer on

    Excellent customer service. Provided me with the right advice and correct battery a lot cheaper than elsewhere

  14. By Ian Verified Buyer on

    Central heating and hot water back up and running. Hope it lasts many years.

  15. By Paul Davison Verified Buyer on

    As this is a replacement for the backup battery in a central heating programmer the true performance may not be known for a good time to come. The battery appeared to be a genuine item and my only concern was that it is slightly smaller than the original which was many years old. It required the manipulation of the retainer/contact clips, not always successful on old printed circuit boards, but managed in this case.
    The service from the supplier was extremely prompt, despatched same day by first class mail, 5 stars for that.

  16. By Steven jeffrey Verified Buyer on

    Service and product brilliant can’t fault

  17. By Frank Verified Buyer on

    EXCELLENT service in conjunction with a competitively priced battery is just what the doctor ordered for my (still working) Potterton 2000 programmer which is around 33yrs old now. Great that suppliers like this continue to support and stock these items. Thank you. Let’s hear it for Potterton too!! :)

  18. By Val Parker Verified Buyer on

    I asked a question about the product, by email, which was fully answered within half an hour. Reassured, I ordered it and it arrived the next day. What more could one ask?!

  19. By Malcolm Mitchell Verified Buyer on

    Ordered one day, received the next day. Excellent!!!

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