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Product Description

The Tadiran SL889/P is a pinned 1/10 D size button lithium battery which is ideal for applications that require eXtended Operational Life (XOL). These batteries are ideal for use as memory back-up in a wide range of Computers, but have also been known to go into certain PLC Machines as well.

These Tadiran Batteries are known for their high energy density and high terminal voltage. They have an extremely low self discharge (less than 1% per annum) and a wide operating temperature of between -55ºC to +85ºC. Cases on these batteries are hermetically sealed to ensure protection against leakage.

The SL889/P can also be known as these alternative part numbers:

  • SL389/P
  • SL789/P
  • TL2134/P
  • TL4934/P
  • TL5134/P
  • TL5934/P

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