Tadiran Lithium SL-886 1/6 D Battery (Pins)

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Product Description

The Tadiran SL-886 is a 1/6 D size lithium battery. The SL-800 series (XOL) offers an eXtended Operation Life compared to the SL-700 series. Not only do they have a longer operation life, but they have a higher capacity, extra low self discharge and extra low passivation during long term use. Because of this, these batteries are perfect for use as memory back-up in a wide range of Computers that need the reliability long term.

Tadiran cells are known for their high energy density and high terminal voltage. They have a wide operating temperature of between -55ºC to +85ºC. Cases on these batteries are hermetically sealed, ensuring protection against leakage.

Battery Identification

  • MPN: SL-886, SL886, SL-886/P or SL886/P

Also Known As

  • TL-4935/P or TL4935/P
  • TL-5135/P or TL5135/P

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