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Product Description

The Tadiran SL-561 standard 2/3 AA size lithium battery is part of the SL-500 series. Because of this, it offers an extended temperature range compared to the SL-700 series, meaning they boast an operating temperature of between -55ºC to +130ºC. Due to this, these batteries are perfect for use in high temperature applications.

Tadiran cells are known for having a high energy density and high terminal voltage. Additionally, they have an extremely low self discharge (less than 1% per annum) and the cases on these batteries are hermetically sealed, ensuring protection from leakage.

We supply this Tadiran battery as a standard cell or with Tags or Polarised Pins.


  • The four letters printed after “SL-561” on the cell determine traceability.
  • The SL-500 series are special Tadiran cells and will have a long lead time. Therefore, if we are low or out of stock, please get in touch to be advised on availability.

Battery Identification

  • MPN: SL-561, SL561, SL-561/S or SL561/S
  • IEC: ER14335

Also Known As

  • SL-561/PT or SL561/PT (Polarised Pins)
  • SL-561/T or SL561/T (Tagged)

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