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Product Description

The Panasonic VL2020-1HFE is a 3V rechargeable Lithium coin cell with solder tags for horizontal PCB mounting. It can be recharged approx 1000 times, has a high energy density and continuous trickle charging is not necessary because of a very low self discharge rate of just 2% per year.

This Vanadium Pentoxide Lithium Rechargeable VL2020 is a completely new coin-type Lithium battery with vanadium oxide for the positive pole, lithium alloy for the negative pole and a non-aqueous solvent for the electrolyte.

VL technology is mostly used for memory backup (computers, fax machines, mobile phones).

Nominal voltage of VL lithium batteries is 3V.

One of our customers bought this for his BMW 5 Series ignition key however, please note the photograph as some people want this version but others want the 1VCE version (shown in related products).

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