Panasonic HHR-70AAAB8 AAA Rechargeable Battery

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Product Description

The Panasonic HHR-70AAAB8 AAA rechargeable battery is a flat top industrial cell with a 730mAh capacity. It is commonly used in battery packs as a cost effective solution to your AAA sized battery pack needs, but is also used in Consumer Electronics as well as Radios and Measuring Equipment.

We supply the HHR-70AAAB8 either as it comes or with soldier tags on the terminals.

Battery Identification

  • IEC: HR11/45

Also Known As

  • HHR-70AAA/T (Tagged)
  • HHR-70AAAB8/T (Tagged)
  • HHR70AAA/T (Tagged)
  • HHR70AAAB8/T (Tagged)

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