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Product Description

The GP13A is a D size alkaline cell which is hermetically sealed with a sealing design ensuring protection against leakage.

They are well suited for applications with constant or pulse discharge with high discharge currents. Alkaline cells can last up to 6 or 7 times that of Zinc Chloride.

GP Super Alkaline is best for the increasing power demand of everyday devices. It offers great value for money through long-lasting lifetime. The extensive range makes these products suitable for a very wide range of devices for people of all ages. The Shelf life is up to 7 years.

These batteries are supplied in shrink sleeves of 2 and the pricing is per two cells hence our designated part ref GP13A-2.

This Industrial type packaging keeps packaging waste down to a minimum. The outer boxes size is 20 cells, bulk enquires are welcome.

These may also be known as LR20, E95 or AM1 batteries.

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