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Product Description

These GP ReCyko+ 1300mAh AA rechargeable batteries are an ideal rechargeable replacement for any device around your home or office using AA batteries. A capacity of 1300mAh means they will power most medium to low drain devices comfortably. Part of the Money Saving ReCyko+ range, they would be a great choice for things such as TV Remotes or Game Controllers.

This pack of 4 rechargeable batteries can replace up to a staggering 1200 disposable batteries. While they may have a higher up front cost they are far more cost effective in the long run. Not only are they more cost effective but they are also very environmentally friendly, reducing a lot of waste.

With a low self discharge rate, they will retain up to 80% of their power for a year after charging. They also come pre-charged, which means you can use these ReCyko+ 1300mAh AA batteries straight out of the packet.

Battery Identification

  • MPN: GP130AAHC, GP130AAHCB, GP130AAHCBE, GPRHC132C131 or GPRHC132C138
  • IEC: HR6

Also Known As

  • 15H
  • DC1500
  • DX1500
  • NH15
  • NM715

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