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Product Description

The GP330SCH/T  is a rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery and is a cylindrical SUB C  in size. Note these cells are flat top  industrial cells and are designed for battery packs. The /T  suffix designates SOLDER  TABS .

These batteries are made to the highest quality standards and have the additional benefit of being qualified to the UL standard for product safety. This makes them the ideal choice when you are using these cells in battery packs.

It is not recommended to solder directly to the battery, hence the addition  flexible solder tabs is required . Please note that if you require any other specific tabs or you need any advice then please do not hesitate to contact us.

The cells are nominally 1.2v, have a typical capacity of 3300mAh, with a minimum capacity of 3430mAh. They can tolerate discharge currents of between 330mA and upto 30A and should give you around 500 charge and discharge cycles. A comprehensive technical datasheet and Material Safety a Data Sheet is available to download.

They are a good choice for High drain fast charge applications.

Please note that delivery times on tagged items will be based on after we have tagged the product so please allow a few working days extra on any delivery dates quoted.

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  1. By Dr J M Bement Verified Buyer on

    Good turnround time. Good product (so far!).

    However, the pricing structure for cells purchased through eBay is perplexing. Why couldn’t I just order 3 cells directly, instead of having to order one at one price then make a separate order for two more at another price! Bizarre!

    I could understand it if the prices were quoted as, for example “up to 5 = £x each; 6 – 10 = £x – y% each” etc.

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