Cell Pack Solutions Cateye HL-EL600RC Single Shot (CPS1338) Battery

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Product Description

The Cell Pack Solutions CPS1338 is a replacement battery pack for a Cateye HL-EL600RC Single Shot Torch.

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  1. By Kevin Verified Buyer on

    A lot cheaper than a new lamp, very snug fit for the battery but it works fine again.

    Delivery was faster than expected as well

  2. By P Wat Verified Buyer on

    10/10 for fast delivery of the correct product. Most people would consider it a better option than buying a whole new lamp at a much greater price.

    Note – Opening up the lamp – The retaining screws are hex socket.
    VERY IMPORTANT – Carefully note the EXACT routing of the existing wires!
    Fitting – If it seems to be a very tight fit, you must align the wires correctly till will slide in like a .. (hand in a glove?).

    The “Good” rating is given because it has not been “tested”:-
    (a) it is too soon to know the operating characteristics of the battery – (Only been charged once).
    (b) it is unclear whether the new unit includes the thermal-protection thermistors present on the original.
    Rating could rise to “Perfect”.