Cell Pack Solutions 2/CR17450E-R CNC Machine (CPS775) Battery

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Product Description

The Cell Pack Solutions CPS775 is a replacement battery for Fanuc CNC systems. Fanuc references the battery in their spare part number directory as the A98L-0031-0011, A98L-0031-0011/L or A98L-0031-0011/L150.

This battery pack is assembled in the UK; using 2 genuine FDK CR17450E-R A lithium cells and is circuit protected. The pack is fitted with a wired female connector. Please note the connector may or may not have a locking clip depending on stock. (The image shown is the connector WITHOUT the locking clip)

It is recommended to replace CNC/PLC batteries yearly to avoid machine failure. The FDK CR17450E-R A used in the CPS775 has a low self discharge rate, resulting in a shelf life for up to 10 years.

The CPS775 is for use in the Following CNC Machines:

  • Fanuc CNC Series Power Mate O
  • Fanuc CNC Series Power Mate E
  • Fanuc Amplifier Series BETA SVU
  • Fanuc Amplifier Series BETA iSV
  • Fanuc Pulse Distribution Module

The CPS800 replaces the following part numbers:

  • A02B-0168-K111
  • A98L-0031-0011
  • A06B-6093-K001
  • A98L-0031-0011/L
  • A06B-6135-K001
  • A98L-0031-0011/L150
  • A02B0168K111
  • A98L00310011
  • A06B6093K001
  • A98L00310011/L
  • A06B6135K001
  • A98L00310011/L150
  • MGL0077
  • BR-ACF2P

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