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Product Description

The Arts Energy VNTCU2500 is a High Temperature C size rechargeable NiCd cell. A tagged version of this cell is available if needed, simply see the related products section below.

These batteries benefit from the latest innovation on Arts Energy’s PNE (plastic bonded nickel electrode) technology, and are specifically designed to accept a permanent charge. Well suited to high temperature environments such as Emergency Lighting or Memory Back-Up, the VNTCU2650 offers at least a 4 year life span at an average temperature up to +50°C in accordance to the IEC 61951-1 standard.

We have also been known to use these in the construction of Custom Made Battery Packs. If you do intend to build these into packs yourself, you may want to consider the tagged version of this battery.

Main Advantages:

  • Good Charge Efficiency at High Temperature
  • Good Autonomy at Low Temperature
  • Permanent Charge
  • Good Storage Retention
  • Long Life Duration at High Temperature

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