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Product Description

Arts Energy’s NiMH VHT range has been specially designed to fit emergency lighting and power back-up requirements. The VHTCS2200 is able to in temperatures up to +55°C and offers a 4 year life span with an average temperature up to +50°C.

The Arts Energy VHTCS2200 cell is designed to accept low current permanent charge (down to C/100) or intermittent charge at very high temperatures (up to +55°C). The VHTCS2200 allows a significant reduction in the energy consumption of luminaires.


  • Emergency Lighting
  • Back-Up Systems
  • Photovoltaic Systems

Main Advantages:

  • Excellent Charge Efficiency at High Temperatures
  • Permanent Charge at Low Current (C/100)
  • Intermittent Charge
  • Superior Storage Retention

Please Note: If you are assembling these batteries into a battery pack or using them with the intention of refurbishing a battery pack yourself, you will need the tagged version of this cell. Please see related products.

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