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The Rayovac Digital Hearing Aid Battery Tester is very well designed for people who are on the go and who may not necessarily have time or the means to carry a larger tester around with them.

The tester itself can test all zinc air hearing aid batteries including Rayovac’s own Z/A10A, 13A, 625A and 312A cells. It is very handy if perhaps you had two hearing aids that used different batteries.

As previously touched upon, the design of this very handy tester is very thought out for a day to day basis. It is capable of carrying a spare two hearing aid batteries around, meaning you will never be out of a spare whilst on the go, and its key chain design means it is easily attachable to any key rings you may own, so you will know where it is on your person at all times.

Currently here at Cell Pack Solutions, these testers are on sale for the incredibly low price of £5.40 inc VAT. If you feel like you may need to top up any supplies of hearing aid batteries whilst browsing our website, we sell a wide variety from a range of manufacturers and a lot of which utilize the easy tab design, meaning the battery is always going to be in right/

You can browse our Hearing Aid Batteries Range on our Online Shop and with prices starting from just £2.35 inc VAT for a blister pack of 6, and £19.98 inc VAT for a box of 60 batteries, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you need to, use our quick reference guide with colour codes, to have peace of mind you are buying the right product, if you do decide to purchase some batteries along with a tester.

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