LED Lenser Intelligent Pouch (0039) & Removable Coloured Filters!

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LED Lenser must have been brainstorming ways in which they could provide a smart, simple and elegant solution to the problem that is holstering one of their superb torches.

We have been given an answer with the LED Lenser Intelligent Pouch.

Now you may be thinking to yourself what’s so different about this so called “Intelligent Pouch” in comparison to other holsters on the market today and the simple answer lies within LED Lenser’s brilliant ingenuity.

The pouch itself comes with a swivelling belt clip and a pouch top opening meaning that you are able to use the torch while it is sheathed, genius!

It is adjustable to a full 360° and comes with a removable filter in three varieties of colour all for different purposes:

  • Red filter: adds support in night vision to help you see even better with your LED Lenser torch at night
  • Blue filter: adds support to your torch for tracking, coming in handy for those hunters
  • Yellow filter: provides support whilst using your torch in foggy conditions

The Intelligent Pouch can be used with the following LED Lenser torches:

The lens holder can be removed for a direct fit with the P7 that is push perfect.

Currently you can grab a bargain with the intelligent pouch and filters as we are selling them for a surprisingly low £12.00 inc VAT! This is nothing compared to the quality and durability offered by a holster such as this one.

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