LED Lenser H14R (7499R) Rechargeable Headlamp (Gift Box)

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The LED Lenser H14R is a brand new piece of innovative design and technology by LED Lenser.

As a headlamp, the H14R can be incredibly handy in more than just a few scenarios, and the fact that the H14R uses an intelligent fastening system, as well as being able to detach the headlamp itself from the headband, the H14R offers durability throughout a vast range of applications from night fishing to caving or even in night shifts depending on your job.

Micro-controlled smart light technology means that the H14R shines above the competition, making it suitable for a number of terrains, with different lighting modes to accommodate each.


  • Fully Adjustable Straps
  • High Intensity CREE LED Light Chip
  • Lamp head can be swivelled within an angle of 90 Degrees
  • Advanced Focus System
  • Smart Light Technology – Several light programs including an SOS mode
  • 210 lumens, 220 metre beam

The headlamp itself has an effective range of up to 630 feet (Shown above), and LED Lenser reckon that you will be able to get at least 1000 charges out of this headlamp before the battery life seems to alter in any way.

Here at Cell Pack Solutions, we believe in quality and we recognise the quality that LED Lenser show us in ANY of their products, the H14R not being an exception to this rule in any way shape or form, offering outstanding performance in a number of situations.

Currently we are selling the H14R for the outstanding price of a mere £114.00 inc VAT for the sheer quality of such a piece of kit, however we realise that the H14R is not for everyone and invite you to have a look at our other LED Lenser Headlamps Range on our Online Shop, or if you would like to check out our entire range of standard torches, please have a look at our LED Lenser Range.

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