Ansmann Starlight Ladybird (Nightlight)

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Ansmann Starlight Ladybird Nightlight

The Ansmann Starlight Ladybird is the perfect present for any baby or young child no matter what gender. Projecting stars and a moon on the sky, the Starlight Ladybird helps to calm and relax your young ones before they fall asleep. This is not only essential for a good nights sleep but because the Starlight Ladybird is efficient too, it saves you money on batteries. This is because after 45 minutes of being powered on, it automatically turns itself off, meaning the batteries don’t drain but it does so in more than enough time for your baby to fall asleep.

Lights on the Starlight Ladybird have four possible modes. Using the touch sensitive back of the Starlight you can alternate between green, yellow and blue glows of light, or put it onto a final mode which alternates between the three, pressing the button after this setting will switch the Starlight off.

As mentioned earlier the Starlight Ladybird is for both girls and boys as it is a unisex ladybird shape, a demonstration of the Starlight is seen in the below image:

Ansmann Starlight Ladybird Nightlight Demonstration

The Starlight Ladybird uses four AA batteries which are required for use and and Ansmann have included these in the box for ease of use. You can currently grab a Starlight Ladybird for the amazing price of £18.00 inc VAT!

So look no further for a gift for the birth of your friends baby, as you have found it with the Starlight Ladybird, a superb baby product by Ansmann.

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