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The Ansmann Powerline 5 ZeroWatt Battery Charger is positively packed full of many features. The Powerline 5 ZeroWatt is an intelligent charger for 1 – 4 NiMH/NiCd AA, AAA, C or D cells as well as 1 x PP3 (9V) cell. This charger uses ZeroWatt technology which means that it does not consume any power when on standby mode. This also means that product life is prolonged as well as the fact it saves on energy bills!

The charger has a safe automatic mains disconnection feature which happens at the end of charging, turning the charger into standby mode.

Other features of the superb Powerline 5 ZeroWatt include faulty cell detection as well as multiple cell overcharge protection, which is essential when charging multiple cells at once which you surely will be with this charger.

As well as being an amazing intelligent charger in and around the house or office, the Powerline 5 ZeroWatt can be used in the car too and comes with an adaptor to do just that, this turns our intelligent charger into a utility belt of handy functions and uses for on the go as well as when idle.

The Ansmann Powerline 5 ZeroWatt charger is on sale for the incredible price of just £48.00 inc VAT, but order soon while stocks last!

If you are after some rechargeable batteries to go with this charger, please check out our Ansmann Rechargeable Batteries Range on our Online Shop to go with your brand new charger.

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