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Say hello to “the daddy” of all battery chargers and testers that Ansmann have ever made. The Ansmann Energy XC3000 Battery Tester is a masterpiece of engineering right down to the last detail, ensuring optimum performance when charging any type of supported battery.

We have seen a lot of brilliant complete battery management systems from the Ansmann Energy range however the Energy XC3000 comes on top for a reason. Capable of charging, discharging, testing or simply cycling either 1 – 8 AAA or AA cells or 1 – 4 C or D cells and 1-2 9V PP3 blocks or a Li-ion/Li-Po (3.6V/3.7V – 7.2V/7.4V) battery whether they are NiMH, NiCd, Li-ion or Li-Po rechargeable batteries, the Energy XC3000 has a lot to brag about.

Microprocessor controlled supervision of each cell brings about faulty cell detection, alkaline cell detection, five way over charge protection and trickle charging capabilities from one battery management system, this really is high tech kit and is an essential for anyone who needs such controlled management of their cells. This however, is not all as the Energy XC3000 also has a selectable charge current for cylindrical cells as well as automatic polarity and voltage detection for Li-ion/Li-Po batteries. The XC3000 also offers a quick capacity test for a wide range of batteries as well as offering a wide input range from 100-240V AC.

Take a step back and breathe a breath of admiration for Ansmann’s amazing piece of kit here.

The Ansmann Energy XC3000 Battery Tester is sold for an incredibly cheap (for what you’re getting!) £184.64 inc VAT however, the XC3000 is ordered upon request from our suppliers, so if you would wish to purchase one simply Contact Us.

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