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Ansmann Battery Tester
Today, we are looking at the Ansmann Battery Tester. This incredibly handy device from Ansmann enables the user to test all standard size batteries (AAA, AA, PP3/9V, C and D) and it doesn’t matter whether these cells are Alkaline, NiMH or NiCd.

The fact that this tester is a pocket tester, its portability is a big plus for people who simply want a cheap and cheerful device from a name they can trust, to check their battery levels on the go or before a big journey.

The strength of the cells tested is shown on the big screen on this tester and as seen in the image this is a very detailed scale of how much charge your cell(s) have.

You can currently grab a bargain with the Ansmann Battery Tester as we are currently selling it for an incredible £4.08 inc VAT!

If this tester is not for you or you would simply like something a little more advanced, then why not check out our Ansmann Battery Testers Range on our Online Shop.

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