Zebra Finch Invades Cell Pack Solutions!

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The office at Cell Pack Solutions is usually quiet; the odd chatter goes on but apart from that everybody is too busy with work to notice if anything comes through the front door other than a customer.

Well yesterday afternoon was filled with antics brought about by a small bird in our office which we found out to be a Zebra Finch. Jonathan, our IT Manager is a photography fanatic so naturally wanted to get a couple of shots of the little thing.

These birds are apparently native to Australia and don’t live in the wild here which explained why the bird was so tame (it even sat on Jonathan’s shoe for a little bit!), as it must have been a pet or escaped from an aviary. At first we thought it might not be able to fly but low and behold it wasn’t long before it was perched on the Petzl stand and darting between the lights.

The funny thing about this bird is that it sounded remarkably like a kitten attempting to meow and it moved across the floor as if it was bouncing on springs!

So after about twenty minutes of the Zebra finch eating things it probably shouldn’t have off the office floor, John, our Operations Director managed to catch the bird (safely, of course!). We would have let it go somewhere outside but apparently the native birds here (if you can call seagulls proper birds!) would have killed it. So now it looks forward to a new life with Florence from our production unit, who has had Zebra Finches before. The little fellow was confirmed to be a male by John.

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