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I recently read an article in a photographic trade magazine about a company who made outrageous claims about their product being the world’s best battery. It was a “paid for” feature, full of wonderful jargon and marketing speak and name dropping and mentions of the scientific institutes and major battery names. No doubt many people will be taken in by this sort of article… or are we all getting more wise?

Jargon Buster Mascot

In my experience, it is difficult to beat the tried and tested products from the likes of Ansmann, Duracell and GP Batteries as at least we know where we stand with these companies. I would like to think they they supply and manufacture “Probably the Best Batteries in the World”.

On that note let us ponder about who is the best battery pack assembler in the the universe! Votes on the back of a £50 pound note sent to our address… will announce the winner in due course…

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