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I am one of those people that really hate to go shopping, I think it stems back from my time working at Morrisons as a young student. I spent 3 years working as a part-time student employee and I still remember all those hot summer days stuck inside under unnatural fluorescent lighting on really hot summer days in Bradford.

It was hot in those days, remember bottles of pop exploding in the heat as they were accidentally toppled of the bulging shelves, and then watching all the staff disappear as one of the managers shouted “get the wet and dry kit out” (supermarket speak for mop, bucket to wet and clean and saw dust, brush and shovel to dry). The memories come flooding back as I wander around the shops, although have to admit I think dragged might be a better word and standing outside women’s shops seem to take up a fair amount of the time.

So Internet shopping seems to have be made for the likes of me and so it seems for a continual growing part of the population, 32 million people shopped on line last year, that up by around 39% in years.

With this growth in sales comes a growth in fraud. Please take great care that you do not fall foul of this fraud. Take some time out and take a look at this website: Card Smart Online. It is full of advice about how to keep safe on line.

My advice is to check that the website you are visiting is real, some are just set up to look real. Look out for telephone numbers, ring them and check as some are just answer phones. Check for the VAT numbers and company registration numbers. Check for third party accreditations such as SafeBuy.

If you are not convinced then do not take the risk.

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