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I read a really good article today about a new service that was launched by one of the long established battery manufacturers. They have called it CellPac PLUS. Love the name, it reminded of the story behind the name of my company 10 years ago, Cell Pack Solutions.

I bought cells from the major battery battery manufacturers and then set about looking for problems to solve, to create Custom Battery Packs and provide solutions for my customers. The advantage that we could and still offer is that we can provide quick turnarounds on small production runs. It is often the case that in the very early days of a new product design, fast responses are required. As was quite rightly intimated by the reporter in the article, product designers often leave the choice of battery until late into the design process which can sometimes be a costly mistake.

We often act as an intermediary between our Partner Manufacturers and the end customer and come up with the optimum design. I know from experience that not every application will reach 10,000 units but there is great satisfaction to be had in being involved at the start a project, even those that never take off to the expected volumes.

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