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I went to see my youngest daughter perform last night in a performance of Alice in Wonderland. I never ceased to be amazed at how much being involved in this group has changed her. I am sure many of the parents would say the same thing. All budding The X Factor stars, some are, some are not, but they all get given the opportunity to develop to the best of their ability and they all get get so much fun out of being involved in great shows.

Last night, the older group also performed their own show, written and choreographed by a couple of the members. The show was called SHINE and it was easy to see that talent does SHINE in South Tyneside and in South Tyneside Academy of Musical Performance (STAMP).

The organisers and kids give so much back to the local community. They are really inspiring. I wish I had the confidence that some of this kids demonstrate and a fraction of the musical and performing talent.

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