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First week back at work over and done with, countdown to next Christmas has already started.

This is the start of our most interesting year to date and if everything goes to plan we will be in our new factory.

The new year is traditionally the time to make some New Year resolutions so I asked the team to put down some markers and maybe we can look back in a few months time and see who stuck to their promises. There are a mixture of resolutions, some pretty specific and some pretty vague, but here goes!

  • Andrea – Stop smoking
  • Ann W – Lose 21lb in weight
  • Claire – Lose 14lb in weight, start walking again and get fit
  • Eddie – Start up piano again, play a good tune all the way through, read one book per month and take more regular long walks
  • Florence – Find romance in 2012
  • John – Lose weight and stop smoking
  • Jonathan – Change his car
  • Lynne – Lose weight
  • Russell – Come to work dressed more smartly and eat more healthily
  • Steve – Move into a bachelor pad
  • Susan A – Lose 14lb in weight
  • Susan T – Lose 28lb in weight by July
  • Tracey – Stop smoking and pass her driving test

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