Rechargeable Shaver Batteries and Battery Pack Refurbishment

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How many times have you been told that you have to throw some piece of equipment away because they tell you that the battery is no longer available?

They would prefer to sell you a new Rechargeable Shaver or Toothbrush or hedge trimmer or whatever it is. The real beauty of the Internet is that is there is always some one out in the world wide web that will help, some blog, some titbit of information or someone who has had the same experience.

I set this company up with a really Simple Philosophy, every order is important no matter how insignificant it might be. Over 10 years, we have helped 1000’s of people. We even got close to winning an Award for this attitude.

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Often the one thing we ask you is to send us a image in the first email, so that we can visualise your needs.

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