The Power of PR and the Value of a Headline

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I read about the great news that Siemens had won the contract to build trains for the Thameslink route and that it was going to bring 300 Jobs to Hebburn. At least that what the headlines says, but then when you read further it says that this is the long term hope and that it may be achieved by 2014. The reverse of this story is that in Derby, where Bombardier Transportation, the rival company in the bid is now threatening loss of 3000 jobs, which is extremely sad.

Also read today that Alan Sugar has caused a media storm with his comment that Engineers don’t make good Entrepreneurs. Personally, I think he must be rubbing his hands, maybe he planned the comment, maybe it was just said as a throwaway comment, but it had the desired effect. Free advertising for the The Apprentice TV show. I did take a bit of exception myself, as I could be classed as an Engineer, I could also say that up to now I have run a reasonably successful company. However, you have to admire how Alan Sugar has got the media in the palm of his hand.

Looking forward to visiting Seaham Hall for the first time ever, to hear Richard Reed the co-founder and Managing Director of Innocent Drinks speaking about business growth and his story.

Not as high a profile, I have been invited as part of a group of much more successful business people to give my own 10 minute story as to how we achieved our best ever 12 months in business. This will be as part of the South Tyneside Manufacturing Forum monthly meeting in July.

I am hoping that by then I will also be able to leak out my own special headline.

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