Obtained “Magnets, Bulbs and Batteries” Ladybird Book

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Someone suggested that I could get this Ladybird Book on eBay and after making some searches and a couple of unsuccessful bids, I finally got a copy. It was better than I remembered, the images of little kids with pliers ripping open batteries, and sticking tongues across battery terminals. Those were the days before health and safety, fantastic. I will take a couple of snapshots and post them shortly – assuming it doesn’t infringe copyright.

Had a great call today from a nice chap – he phoned to give me some feedback on an aspect of our website and as I like to do, I chatted to him about what he did. He has a really interesting business and all of you really interested in cricket, should take a look at his website: Cricket Stamp Collector’s Album.

I have been really busy over the last couple of weeks and I forgot to mention we have now cracked the 5000 positive feedbacks on our eBay Store – this is not our main website but it does give the opportunity to get independent feedback.

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