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Last Monday night,¬†I took my team to a great marketing event called “Now That’s What I Call A Great Event” at The Customs¬†House, it was hosted and conceived by Geoff Ramm. He wanted to mark 10 years in business by giving something back to his South Tyneside roots and to a wonderful charity called The Bubble Foundation. A great deal of money was raised on the night.

He arranged some great motivational speakers Michael Jackson, Ian McCann, Kevin Morley and my particular favourite: Kevin Gaskell.

I think that all my team would have picked up some gems of wisdom and some gained some inspiration. I look forward to see what might come of it.

I remember my first meeting with Geoff all those years ago, he came to visit and his marketing leaflets were presented rather like you would receive a graduation diploma, neatly rolled up and tied up in a red ribbon. Have to admit that I didn’t take up his offer, but that was only because I didn’t have the money to spare and at time I had plenty of business of coming in from word of mouth and referrals. He did make an great impression and I watched his career develop into what he now does best, presenting Observational Marketing Techniques (OMG) to huge audiences all over the world.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of the most obvious things, too many people take too much for granted and walk around with their eyes shut. Sometimes all it takes is for people to stop and think and not rush in with the the same knee jerk reactions.

Congratulations to Geoff for pulling the night together, it is a great testament to his approach in business that all the speakers and the sponsors were all happy to support the venture free of charge.

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