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We have had yet another bank holiday, makes you wonder how we can get any work done sometimes. Spent the weekend catching up on things and having a general think about how to move the company forward this year. It is going to be a very challenging year ahead. We are planning a really big and exciting move for our company.

A big part of the plan will eventually involve taking on more staff, was thinking about the characteristics of the perfect employee. I think that demonstrating an infectious enthusiasm for whatever you do really helps. Attitude and commitment cannot be taught. Skills can be learnt by most people, but in this day and age you need to demonstrate that extra spark and willingness to demonstrate a desire to make a difference.

Competition is tight in every market, we ourselves are facing tremendous competition on the Internet. It is a continual fight to find that unique selling point, something that makes us stand out amongst the crowd.

Good people make good companies and good companies make good products and supply good service.

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