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Back on the theme of getting the most out of your alkaline batteries, many people use these primary batteries in high power requirement applications such as digital cameras. These applications often have higher end point cut off voltages and therefore you may be fooled into thinking your batteries have run out of power. In reality, there may be some unused capacity, which you could utilise in some less power hungry application like a torch or clock or kids toy.

If you are using batteries in multiples of 2s or 3s or 4s then you may find that one of the batteries has drained quicker, or is faulty. Invest in a simple Battery Tester such as the Ansmann Battery Tester and check the cells. It is not advisable to mix batteries of different technologies or brands and is best to use batteries that in similar states of capacity.

It is best to store batteries in cool dry places, out of direct sunlight, this will reduce the internal self discharge which increases the warmer the environment. Some people think that storing in the fridge is OK, it is not something I would do. If you did you should then all the batteries to stabilize back to room temperature before you use them, otherwise you risk condensation and poor performance.

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