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I have just come back from wandering around the streets of Old Durham Town, my daughter is about to spend the next few years of her life, having a ball and hopefully finishing off with a half decent History degree.

Decided to catch up with emails from the last couple of days and tying up loose ends. One was to consider whether to have another go at pushing my company’s website wares through one of these portals/marketplaces called Decided against it in the end, I do believe that these portals can work for some people, but I am not sure they would for us. We had a similar experience with Applegate a few years ago.

It can be quite difficult to shake off the sales people off once they have got your name, after all they are selling the best thing since sliced bread. Thought I would try this experiment to see whether the following terms would appear with my company website address after I published this post:

  • Find the Battery Needle
  • Find the Needle Battery
  • Applegate Battery
  • Battery Applegate

I checked and we don’t appear at the moment.

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