End to a Busy Year

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Just noticed that I have not had chance to write a post for a number of weeks. This last quarter has been our busiest yet. The 2011 financial year has been the best in our existence, turnover is up, but would guess margins are down, as the pressure on costs, overheads and all those horrible things just keep going up and up.

We have had to absorb VAT increases and now more recently postage costs. Anyway, 2010 is over and it was a busy year. The new year begins and it’s time to spring clean.

The year 2011 will bring some fantastic challenges for our business and team. The intention is to move into much much Larger Premises. We have an excellent diversity of projects and opportunities and this gives us the confidence to move into the next and best phase of our existence.

We are considering dropping eBay altogether.

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