No Rest for the Easter Battery Bunny

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We came back from the long Easter break, really expecting that our battery sales from our various websites would be down but surprisingly we were very busy.

Fortunately over the years we have developed a very efficient pick, pack and post system and it did not take long to clear the backlog. We decided that in order to prove our system and to get independent feedback we would also set up an eBay Store to run along side our Online Shop. We currently have over 4700 positives and 100% feedback. We do make the odd mistake but we like to think we will resolve all issues as efficiently as we supply the vast majority of all our orders.

One of the most popular types batteries we sell are the Duracell Procell Range, particularly the MN1604 or the GP1604A type, used commonly in applications such as stage radio microphones and in smoke alarms. Your smoke alarm battery is one of the most important and you should check them on a regular basis and please don’t compromise, choose a good quality reliable type. You can get them from any good retailer or from our Online Shop without the hassle.

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